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Three in three days!

Oh look at me – blogging again!  Thanks to Newstalk for reigniting the interest.  This will be brief as I have a bath running, loaded with epsom salts.  I’m planning a long soak as I was with Paula at Healing Touch today for a massage and OMG, she reached muscles I didn’t know existed.  No bother to Paula to find the sore spots – she still tells me that she can do relaxation massage but I have yet to experience that – it’s full on and deep for me so far.

I had a busy day afterwards, speaking to Joe Finnegan on Shannonside FM at 10.30am and I was on the road working for the rest of the day.  I spent a few hours in Tramore in the afternoon.  Between the weather and the property (it’s been vacant for 7 years…) it was miserable out there but I did enjoy two rays of sunshine; one was when  I had a really tasty lunch in The Vee Bistro where my only problem was choosing what to eat.  They have a fabulous menu and they were really busy – almost full to capacity – on a wet miserable March Thursday, they’re obviously doing something right.  And secondly, I couldn’t pass by Red Lane Boutique without popping in – it was always a treat for me when I was in Tramore but missed out on last year.  The shop is absolutely bursting with colour.  They have a huge selection of dresses and occasion wear aswell as more casual stuff – well worth a look.

I had two more calls in Carrig and Enniscorthy before I got home at 7.30 so it was too late to get to ‘Cúpla Focal’ which was in the Strand Tavern in Duncannon tonight.  It was starting a little later than normal to coincide with Hal’s Céilí Band afterwards.

Anyhow, I hear that bath calling…

Sin é

Marie Therese

On the airwaves

Firstly I’m sorry for any of you who went out of your way to tune into Newstalk at 8.45 this morning, the interview was broadcast at 8.15 – sorry again.  I spoke to Norah Casey and hopefully opened the general public’s eyes as to what New Ross has to offer, indeed what everyone’s local town/village has to offer, it’s just a case of checking it out.  I’m back on Shannonside FM (104.1) in the morning at 10.30am on the Joe Finnegan Show.  I spoke to Joe last year at the start of my campaign.   He put out a call to his listeners to take up the challenge and they got one lady to take part so that will be interesting to hear about.

I don’t have any local news to relate today except to say that I played 9 holes of (really bad) golf in New Ross Golf Club in the afternoon.  I haven’t had the opportunity to sample the delights from the kitchen there yet – Felim Byrne has taken over the catering since 1st March.  All reports so far are good.  I hope he does well with members and the general public alike.

We had a pork steak stir fry for dinner this evening.  The pork steak was on special offer in SuperValu and I’m not joking, I could have fed a small army for a few euro.  With value like that on offer, there’s really no need to choose processed (and possibly dodgy) foods.   Fillet of Irish pork is fillet of Irish pork – Quality Assured – end of.  (Neigh, I won’t add any topical jokes…)

Sin é

Marie Therese



Enforced Focus

Hello!  Sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long.  I was surprised myself at how difficult it was to blog after having a break over Christmas. (Actually I did write one blog but for some reason it didn’t publish.)  I suppose it was a combination of being busy with the day job – yes, there is such a thing as a busy BER Assessor now!  Since 9th January properties cannot be advertised for sale of rent without a BER, so after four slow years I am busy busy busy – happy days!   I didn’t even have time for golf for a while there…  seriously busy!  Also, I felt maybe I’d shared enough about my day to day life – I mean you had over a year of my musings!

Well I had a phone call today from Newstalk FM who want me to say a few words on the radio tomorrow morning (8.45) so I’ve been trying to focus on the year I had.  I think people expect me to say it was difficult solely shopping local for the year, but really my aim was to prove that it was possible – I didn’t really have any doubts.  I just wanted to make people aware of the importance of such a simple concept.  As they say, money is made round to go round – and if that’s in a local community it’ll come back to you sooner rather than later.

And if we ever needed an incentive to buy good quality local produce, the horsemeat scandal is all singing and dancing in that area.  I still get a thrill eating Tinnock Farm lamb, knowing that it was born, bred and butchered within 15 minutes’ of my kitchen.

And am I still shopping local?  Yes, of course I am, but not exclusively.  If I’m passing through some other town I’ll have a look – I am human after all!   Actually I bought a pair of Amy Huberman’s high-tops the other day in Dove Hill outside Carrick On Suir – not local but Irish.  (By the way, don’t tell Himself – ‘Another pair of boots?’ I can hear it already…)

So sin é for now

Marie Therese


It’s a wrap!

It’s a wrap in lots of ways – as in I’ve got all the Christmas shopping done and wrapped, all the visiting is done and my year of solely shopping local is almost over.  2012 was a good year, an interesting year and I met lots of new and like-minded people.  But guess what – 2013 is going to be sooo good.  Things are only improving, onwards and upwards.

So I’m taking a little break from blogging, even though I enjoyed the year and I learned a lot (not an awful lot mind you but…) I’m looking forward to some down time.  I hope that our local businesses can boast the rewards of more people shopping local and making a difference.  I know my eyes were opened as to how much we can get locally and the price is not always as bad as people think and particularly competitive a lot of the time.

I’ll be back in the new year to do a sum-up of 2012 but in the meantime, have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Sin é

Marie Therese

Tá áthas orm go léir

Yes, I’m happy out!  I know it’s the season to be jolly etc but it’s also the season for family.  And I’ve just sent a crowd of them home out of my house and it was great to meet up and eat, drink and chin wag.  Unfortunately we weren’t at full quota but that’s only a temporary blip, we’ll be all fit and strong and together in the New Year please God.

And I think I have everything ticked off the list at this stage.  I was delighted to score quite a few bits and pieces in Fethard pharmacy yesterday evening – you would imagine a  small local place would be expensive but they equalled any of the supermarkets on their twin packs etc.  I might have even bought more but I was scared of losing my place in the queue – it was choca block in there!  I had my nieces and sister in tow today and we completed the shopping in New Ross.  Actually we had a really nice day.  And it was all very user-friendly and carefree.  The girls were well satisfied with ersk and Jane got some bargains in Whispers.  I got my boots heeled in Harney’s and stocked up on bird feed in Mooney’s.  And needless to say, we had a lovely lunch in Café Nutshell.   And I took advantage of some lovely cheese boards and wine in SuperValu.

I’m tired now and ready for the bed but well satisfied.  If you don’t have family (and friends) life can be empty – relish what you have.

Sin é

Marie Therese

Good news for the southeast!

It was great to read about Eishtec opening in Wexford in the new year – 250 new jobs for the sunny southeast.  They’re accepting applications now via their website.    Their Waterford office grew from 250 early last year to 400 employees currently so that bodes well for Wexford.  I love a good-news story.

And needless to say, we had a great night in the Brandon House on Friday night.  The food was lovely, the band were good and the craic was good – but OMG! – a single man would have been in his element there!  I don’t think I’ve seen that many females in the one room since I was in assembly in secondary school!  We stayed over and enjoyed a hearty breakfast the next morning before we checked out Whisper’s sale – 50% off.  It was a  busy spot on Saturday morning.

I really need to get my act together now to secure the last few pressies – time is running out.  I noticed quite a few people around town yesterday afternoon and they were carrying shopping bags – which is always a good sign.  And I see we have two new openings in the last week, O’Brien’s Sandwich Bar and a new clothes shop on North Street.  It looks like the clothes shop caters for the younger lady so I’ll have to check it out tomorrow when I have my two nieces with me in town.

Sin é

Marie Therese


All dressed up and ready to go

I’m just about to go out the door to the Brandon House Hotel for our Christmas party night!  I’m really looking forward to kicking up the heels!  I’ve been busy today but it was all self-indulgent, as you know I don’t make any excuses for pampering myself – cos I’m worth it!  I had a fish pedicure in Geminii Hair and Beauty this morning before I headed over to Claire Auld Skincare for a Dermalogica facial.  I had some lunch in the Wheelhouse Café, walked the dogs and was back in Geminii again for 4 to get my curls!  Lorraine had a steady stream of clients calling while I was there and she’s even opening on St Stephen’s Day for hair and make-up, ideal if you had something nice to go to on St Stephen’s night.  I took note of the special offers in Claire Auld’s and I might even leave the details casually around the house for himself to note – 3 Dermalogica facials for €99, nearly half price!  And lots of other special offers.

I was particularly excited to see on Twitter that Whispers now have 50% off all clothes and 30% off bags and accessories – I wonder will my body be up for a bit of shopping tomorrow after the party night tonight…  It’d be rude not to have a look at least…  Actually I need to knuckle down now and get the last bits and pieces, the last ones are always the more difficult ones to secure.

Sin é

Marie Therese


OK, so I’ve been busy…

OK, I’ve been absent as I’ve been busy entertaining chez moi.  It is the Christmas season and all (OMG, I remember saying ‘an’ all’ a lot when I was a teenager – everything was blah blah blah an’ all).   Anyhoo, we had the turkey tonight, a day later than planned but it was still good.  I was in Waterford today, actually I played golf in the morning, a funeral at noon and up to Waterford to do a little job on a house in the afternoon and then home for the turkey.  Just to let you in on something that the Celtic Tiger has caused – no paint shops in Waterford City.   I was up last week and forgot to bring a paintbrush and a bit of white emulsion.   Do you think I could buy paint and a paint brush in Waterford City?  No.  I would have had to get in the car and drive to some of the stores on the outskirts.  Thank God for Mooney’s and Breen’s in New Ross.  You don’t miss places like that until they’re gone.

Anyhoo again, on my way home I ran into Ardkeen Superstores to get a few bits.  I felt a little guilty as it’s not quite local but I just love Ardkeen Superstores and it turned out that 4 out of the 6 things I bought were Wexford products – including Gourmet Bagels from Gorey, Stafford’s breadcrumbs and a cake from Kelly’s bakery – cool or what!  I see they have Ballycross apples in stock as well.  In fact I could have lingered much longer but I was under time pressure, I needed to get that turkey(Irish of course) into the oven.  While I was there I introduced myself to the boss man, Colin Jephson, it would have been rude not to as I follow him on Twitter!  He was tweeking the wine aisle and I could have lingered there indefinitely but again time pressure…

I don’t have much else to report – it’ll be turkey again tomorrow night!

Sin é

Marie Therese


Winner Alright!!

Ok, I didn’t win the coal on Saturday but when I went into Dillon’s Londis this morning I was greeted by Helen as The Winner! Yes! I picked the bonus number in the Lotto and won €90 on their in-store Bonus Ball competition. And the funny thing was that there was only one number left to pick on Saturday – No 7 – happy days!

We went to the opening of Geminii Hair and Beauty on Saturday evening. There was a good turnout to support Lorraine and the only thing to rival the popularity of the fish pedicure was the sight of Mick Sinnott on the treatment table! We went to Neville’s for food afterwards and I really enjoyed my chicken fillet burger with mozzarella. Luckily they were all out of sticky toffee pudding because I didn’t really need it – but when has that ever been a good enough reason? It was quite busy there with people eating and they were getting ready for a birthday party as well.

Still on food, I know, will I ever change? I had turbot last night in the Hollow and it was just gorgeous. I don’t think I ever had turbot before, I’ll be ordering it again for sure. I have a turkey in the fridge for tomorrow, I can’t remember the last time I cooked a turkey, 19 years ago I think, so I’ll have to check on cooking times etc.

I got great feed-back on the fada – or lack thereof, so I’m delighted to sign off fully accented this evening!

Sin é

Marie Thérèse

First post from my sexy new iPad!

Woo hoo, ok so maybe it’s no big deal to a lot of you but I’m thrilled with my new iPad and I’m even more thrilled that I can use it! It’s so cool! Anyhow, enough about my fabulous new iPad which I purchased in Sam McCauley’s New Ross…

Parking was at a premium in Campile today because of the stream of people going to the Christmas fair in Glanbia. There were several stalls selling all kinds. I stocked up on the home baking by the St Loius Day Care Centre. I got my first mince pie of the season and as is customary (Scottish) I made a wish on it. I also bought a cool coat hook made from a horseshoe by Wood Monkey Design in Mullinavat. I just need someone to put it up for me now… I’m hoping to win a tonne of coal in today’s raffle – ever hopeful – it’s in aid of St Vincent dePaul (is there a more worthwhile cause these days?) and St Louis Day Care Centre and another charity that I can’t think of now but I’ll wish them well when I receive my prize!

We’re off to Geminii Hair and Beauty’s official opening this evening – more mince pies! Do you see a habit forming? And Santa is going to be busy tomorrow as he’s visiting the Hook Lighthouse. I don’t know how he does it!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and try get to some of the Christmas Fairs, they’re shopping local at it’s best and a handy way to get your Christmas shopping sorted. I nearly forgot to mention the coffee morning in aid of Alzheimer’s Association (no pun intended) in St Mary’s Hall tomorrow morning from 10 a.m.

Sin e (I don’t know how to get a fada on my fab new iPad!)

Marie Therese